Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our heritage Tim Hortons

One of things I love about small towns in general, and Parrsboro in particular, is that people are always stepping forward to try to make a difference and a positive impact on their community. No where was this more evident than a couple years ago when we heard "Tim Horton's is coming to town". As much as everyone was keen to have Tim's coffee, we were not so pleased at the thought of the brick box of a building that these coffee shops are usually housed in.

Anyway, a committee quickly formed and town council got on board, then we met with the owner, declared our concerns and eventually got to the point where we were reviewing plans and options. The result is this lovely clapboard-sided Tim Horton's at the 'top' of Main Street just as you come into town on Route 2.

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Gordon said...

There is no Tim Hortons in where I live! Delta, BC :(