Monday, November 10, 2008

What's a 100 billion tonnes between friends?

If you're not inclined to be fascinated by the myriad effects that 100 billion tonnes of seawater has on a coastline and a people then this blog isn't for you.

I'm obsessed with the Bay of Fundy - one of the world's most dramatic coastal ecosystems and I've got several thousand tide photos to prove it.

This one? "Two Islands" taken from the bare ocean floor at low tide. At high tide the spot that I'm taking the photo from would under 40 feet (14 m) of water. Just a few kms along the coast from Parrsboro.

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Athlyn Green said...

Recently, a friend and I visited Parrsboro. We ran out of time, trying to see favorite spots.

I wanted to take her to Two Islands and even though it had grown dark, we braved the path and went down on the beach that evening.

Wow! The tide was out and a full moon illuminated the two islands. There was a timelessness and a beauty that was awe inspiring! We stood there, in the shadow of the islands, feeling incredibly lucky to see the Bay of Fundy in the moonlight.

A moonpath stretched out over the water in the distance. We stood quitely, absorbing the stillness and serenity.

I would highly reccomend that locals visit Two Islands when the moon is full! This view is unsurpassed.