Sunday, February 15, 2009

Awesome ice cakes at First Beach

Despite this month's cold temperatures, I've got a feeling that spring is in the air (call me crazy!) so I really wanted to get down to First Beach this weekend to check out the ice cake situation.

It's been cold enough now for a few weeks for a goodly amount of ice cakes to accumulate. The tide and freezing rain have also blended them together. My kids loved to explore these cakes when they were younger - kind of like a natural winter obstacle course. No reason not to visit the beaches in Parrsboro in all seasons!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lobster traps on the wharf

For all that we locals joke about tourists' fascination with lobster traps (many have been purchased dockside and taken home to landlocked provinces and states to become coffee tables), I am kinda into them.

For example, I once made a flower box out of one (my petunias never looked better!) and I have spent a goodly amount of time photographing them - but the 'old' style wooden ones with the curved tops only - I'm a purist.

This is the first photo of the new metal mesh traps that has ever revealed itself to me. It was taken at the Parrsboro wharf just after lobster season last month. Mmmmnh, not so painful....