Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fiddle Camp concert tonight

One of the other long-standing events in Parrsboro on the May long weekend is a Fiddle Camp at Ship's Company Theatre. This is a neat idea that they started about 5 years ago. Aspiring fiddlers and keyboard accompanists from near and far (mostly adults but some kids too) come here from Friday to Monday to take workshops from some of the region's best musicians: Gordon Stobe, Kendra MacGillvary, Kelli Trottier, Skip Holmes, Jeff Horhocks, Greg Simm and, of course, Parrsboro's own much-loved violinist, Timi Levy.

The instructors hosted a sold-out concert at The Kip last night and tonight there's a participants concert and who knows, based on these pics from last year, probably some dancing too - promises to be fun!

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pinkrelish said...

Sounds very fun and delightful. I take it you are attending. I think sometimes I am on the wrong coast of Canada...Enjoy Yourself!