Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trees down, trees up

Several of our 'original trees' in the downtown have finally succumbed to Dutch Elm disease and were taken down (before falling down) this week.

I'm happy to say that that we thought ahead about the impending demise of these historic trees and started a tree planting program for the civic gardens around the Band Stand a few years ago. Ten families have donated pine or oak trees to the "Family Tree" program! These trees have settled in well and are a welcome addition to the green spaces of downtown.


linda said...

Terry, Only have a few moments here at my local library in Vancouver.
I was so excited to find your Parrsboro blog because I am moving there Jan. 2nd 09 and am trying to find all the local information I can.
I am in the throes of downsizing et. etc. but will check on your blog (s) when I can and will get in touch when I am moved in. WOW . . . you have so much info!

Thanks for being there! Linda

linda said...

Hello Terry,

Well, it's only a couple of weeks and I will be a bonafide resident. I went to the map library at UBC and found some wonderful railway maps and old old topographical maps of the region. Also connections to
existing cemeteries. It is all very fascinating.
Is it true that they take clay right from the beach to use for pottery? And that old Post Office . . . any chance we can make it a library, museum, place for meetings, classes, book-clubs etc.?
There just seems endless potential for the Parrsboro residents. Very exciting.
Thanks so much for your response Terry, I am looking forward to meeting you.
Cheers, Linda